Monalisa Dash Dwibedy


We reached the Majestic Colonial beach resort at Punta Cana around 9pm .The check-in was smooth but it took a little longer than expected. May be it felt longer as we were tired of traveling all day. After the check-in, our butler directed us to our room. There was a beautiful “Happy Anniversary “sash decorated on the door. I truly appreciated the thoughtful gesture of the resort staff. The room was very spacious and well maintained with a jet tub and a balcony facing a landscaped garden. We left our luggage in the room and went for dinner at 10pm.

There were plenty of dinner options. One can try a continental buffet, Dominican or Grill and other options like street food. Some specialty cuisine like Japanese and Spanish food restaurants needed prior reservation. There were several bars open to grab a drink from. We tried grilled lobsters and a bit of Dominican food. The lobsters were a bit raw, so it was not up to my palate. I liked the Dominican flavours though. Most of the recipes were deep fried. As you might know, the whole story of deep frying is it makes everything taste better.  Always remember, fried food is cholesterol crying for attention. However, with so many different food options, you will not go hungry.

The Majestic Colonial beach resort is a lush green resort with a large swimming pool running through it. It has two theatres, a casino, a pub and a hospital. Now there is this mind blowing beach almost halfway around the world from a town which I call home. The water is at its best of blue like you may have seen in your dreams. The sands sleep during the night unless you write your names on them. What happens when the fairy of your pencil art gets a life? Does she choose to be with you or fly? What happens when the aqua blue water rushes towards you? Do you embrace the water or wait until it speaks to you?

Soon you will fall in love with the blue ocean and the blue sky as it’s the blue which keeps your soul wonder. It’s the blue which calls you from faraway places. The blue is all inclusive , so don’t walk away from the blue as it’s like walking away from love .While you are there, do not try too hard to catch the wind . The wind is never gonna tell you where they have been or where they are going. But it will always carry the fragrance of life for you. It will always whisper you the stories of the ocean.

Experience the Caribbean sun shining upon you, feel the sweat running down your spine. I do not want anyone standing in my sun. Wake up early if you want a glimpse of the glorious sunrise or catch a shy rainbow. If it’s a moon phase, expect a white moon glowing through a tight net of leaves, flickering, fleeting from your balcony.

It’s gonna be a little slice of heaven for next few days. Stay with me.

(The author is an IT Consultant living in Toronto. Views are personal)