OdishaPlus Bureau

  • Construction of Model Anganwadi Centres in Mayurbhanj
  • Engaging Young Children in Pre-school Education
  • Creating a Joyful and Stimulating Environment for Children
  • Nutrition & Healthcare for Adolescent Girl, Pregnant & Lactating Women

The Anganwadi centres in tribal district of Mayurbhanj are evolving into engaging hubs for early childhood development. This OMBADC-funded & state government supported initiative in the tribal-majority region focuses on education, care, and nutrition, crucial for overall development of preschool kids.

Mayurbhanj is Odisha’s third most populous district. With 826 Model Anganwadi Centres being established & over 270 already completed, this OMBADC funded initiative aims to attract children with vibrant murals, a variety of toys, and books. To attract children, the walls of the Anganwadi Centres are adorned with colorful images of numbers, letters, flowers, fruits, and animals. The premises also feature swings, seesaws, and slides, creating a joyful and stimulating environment for children to play and learn.

Minati Parida, a parent from Mayurbhanj, says, “Previously, my niece had no interest in attending the Anganwadi centre. However, with its recent transformation, the availability of toys, and the engaging teaching methods involving songs and dance, she now eagerly wants to go there.”

The Anganwadis are equipped with electricity, fans and lighting. It also accommodates a kitchen, purified drinking water and clean and hygienic toilets enhancing safety for mothers and children.

The Model Anganwadi Centres also prioritize the health and nutrition of young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Each center includes a dedicated ‘Mamata Gruha,’ where regular health check-ups, counselling and immunizations are conducted by ANMs. Additionally, the centers monitor children’s weight, hemoglobin levels, and other health indicators.

“Thanks to the support of OMBADC, Anganwadi Centres in Mayurbhanj district are being modernized. These new centers are more appealing to children and significantly contribute to their physical and intellectual development through various creative activities,” says District Social Welfare Officer, Annapurna Sinku.

Every Saturday, the Anganwadi Centre hosts the ‘Advika’ programme for adolescents, which raises awareness about social issues such as child marriage and offers guidance on menstrual hygiene.

Each Anganwadi Centre features a ‘Nutri Garden’ that harvests fresh vegetables for meals served to the children. Beneficiaries also receive nutritious foods such as eggs and Sattu.

The Model Anganwadi Centres play a significant role in implementing various maternal and child welfare services in Mayurbhanj district. The anganwadis are particularly beneficial in ensuring the nutrition and health of children, mothers, and adolescents in the tribal dominated region, while also fostering the creative development of young children.