OdishaPlus Bureau

In a groundbreaking move set to challenge societal norms and shatter the silence surrounding a deeply disturbing issue, the ‘Institute of Knowledge Societies’ unveils “Septemberara 30 Dina,” an Odia adaptation of Mahesh Dattani’s original play ‘30 Days in September’. This courageous production, directed by National School of Drama fame Dr. Satyabrata Rout, will make its debut at Bhanja Kala Mandap, Bhubaneswar, on 5th July Friday, evening with a second performance scheduled for 6th July (Saturday).

At the heart of “Septemberara 30 Dina” lies a story that confronts one of society’s most heartwrenching and often silenced issues: child sexual abuse within family. Through the poignant journey of Mala, an individual struggling with the aftermath of childhood trauma, the play delves deep into the complex web of abuse, denial, and the enduring impact on both victims and their families. Dr. Rout’s nuanced adaptation promises to retain the emotional intensity of Dattani’s original work while making it accessible and relevant to the audience.

In it’s first staging of this play in Odisha, ‘Septemberara 30 Dina’ invites audiences to confront uncomfortable truths, reflect on societal structures, and consider their role in breaking the cycle of silence surrounding child abuse. The production aims to spark crucial conversations in local communities, challenging long-held taboos and encouraging open dialogue on this sensitive subject.

The play’s exploration of the fragile relationship between Mala and her mother, who may have turned a blind eye to the abuse, adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. Dr. Rout’s direction is expected to bring a fresh perspective to Dattani’s work, infusing it with local sensibilities while maintaining its hard-hitting impact. The production’s set design, lighting, and performances are anticipated to create an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The ‘Institute of Knowledge Societies’ decision to stage this play marks a significant step in using theatre as a medium for social change in Odisha. ‘Septemberara 30 Dina’ stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, prompting necessary dialogue and, hopefully, fostering a safer environment for children.