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On the occasion of the 10th International Day of Yoga, UCCIL in collaboration with JKYog, hosted a session titled “Management of Stress and Lifestyle Diseases through Yoga and Naturopathy.” This free event, organized by JKYog’s Seva Team, aimed at promoting holistic well-being among UCCIL’s Leadership Team, members, their families, and friends.

Under the coordination of A.K. Sharda, Honorary Secretary, the event witnessed participation of dignitaries like Tarini Prasad Mohanty, Vice President, Industry, Swapna Kumar Swain, Vice President, Commerce, Dr. Sanjeev Mahapatra, Vice President, General, and Dr. Akshay Khandelwal, Honorary Joint Treasurer of UCCIL Bhubaneswar. Prominent figures like Dipak Rathor, Advisor to the Board of Directors, and Pankaj Satija, State Head, Tata Steel, were also actively engaged during the occasion.

JKYog, or Jagadguru Kripalu Yog Trust (JKYT), a Public Charitable Trust dedicated to the dissemination of Spiritual, Vedic, and Yogic Sciences, spearheaded the event. Founded by the Swami Mukundananda, an IIT-IIM Alumnus and globally acclaimed authority on mind management, JKYog aims to foster healthy living at physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual levels.

The Naturopathy session, led by Dr. Prasad G.N.B. (BNYMS), Chief Medical Officer of JKYog Naturopathy Hospital & Research Center (JKYNHRC), provided insights into natural healing practices. Situated within a 100-acre campus at JKYog’s India Headquarters in Banara, Cuttack, the center underscores the blend of nature & wellness.

Dr. Shravani and Lopa from the JKYNHRC team conducted a Yoga session, which saw enthusiastic participation from the attendees, including UCCIL leaders, who eagerly took to yoga mats for Yoga and Pranayam.

Manjari Warty from JKYog’s Seva Team highlighted the organization’s global mission, services, and vision under Swami Mukundananda’s guidance. She urged participants to avail themselves of JKYog’s free offerings that cater to various age groups and communities worldwide. The Seva Team extended heartfelt thanks to the UCCIL leadership for their support in promoting holistic health and well-being, essential for both personal and professional success.

The event also featured informal Naturopathy consultations, interactive discussions, Q&A session, networking opportunity, and a bookstall showcasing internationally acclaimed books by Swami Mukundananda on Mind Management, Art and Science, Happiness etc.