Smruti Rekha Barik

The Skilled In Odisha vision of Government of Odisha has been focusing towards reskilling & upskilling of youth of Odisha with a sizable number of girls and women among them. The efforts have borne fruit which resulting in social & economic growth of the region over the years.

Enthusiastic young girls of Odisha are showing interest in getting skilled & becoming financially independent. The analysis shows a sharp hike in girls admitting themselves into skill development centers and bagging jobs in national and multinational corporations.

Conforming to the same, the enrollment of girls into World Skill Center (WSC) Bhubaneswar, an advanced skill facility of India set up by the Skill Development and Technical Education Department under Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA), has witnessed big rise over the years which shows their keen interest towards technical education. This premier skill training institute offers advanced curriculum to the youth of Odisha under 2 schools, i.e. School of Engineering & School of Services, encompassing 7 modern skill programs.

Women’s enrolment into this institution has grown upwards since the first to the fifth batch. These rise in numbers not only describes the awareness of women towards skill development but also shows their mettle in taking responsibilities outside the home. They can reimagine their career scopes after getting skilled.

“My mother is an SHG member. She inspired me to join a course in Beauty Wellness & Spa at World Skill Center because she knew this opportunity would transform our lives. I put all my efforts in this 1 Year while pursuing advance course and I am very happy that I have been placed as Beauty & Spa Therapist in a reputed organization, recently”, says Sulata Digal, a WSC student.

“While I was worried if my parents would be able to afford the course fee here, I was informed that under the ‘Sudakshya’ Scheme of Government of Odisha, the course was offered free for girls. Moreover, uniform, food, transportation & accommodation of are fully taken care of during the training for both boys and girls”, Sulata added.

Over the period of 3 years, 3 batches have been offered placement in various national & international organizations and 100% women enrolled have been placed in leading companies. These women have showed immense courage to walk out of their comfort zone and make a successful national and international career.

“My father is a driver and it makes him very proud to watch me succeed. Like every other parent, my parents also dreamt a great future for me. After completing my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Government Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar, I joined Mechanical & Electrical Services at WSC. And now that I have secured placement with TATA Steel Technical Services, it makes my entire family happy”, shares Sushree Alisha Dash, another student.

“I lost my parents to an accident and since then being the elder one I took care of my 3 sisters”, narrates S Goutami Rao from Puri.

Goutami was working earlier as a life insurance agent to earn living for her family. After being informed about the advance skill training at WSC in Bhubaneswar, she realized this was the opportunity which will turn over a new leaf for her & her sisters.

“It gives me immense pleasure to share that I have secured placement with India’s leading hospitality brand like IHCL by Tata Group. I was always passionate about becoming a Beauty Therapist and surprisingly World Skill Center made my dream come true. This job is very important as it will help me in the upbringing of my sisters & secure my future,” says Goutami.

The commendable performance of girls coming from the remote areas of the state has set an example for hundreds of girls to dream big and have a chance of achieving the same. This is truly the essence of inclusion and women empowerment.

Dharitrima Chhura from Bolangir always wanted to pursue her career in the Beauty Industry. “Fashion & beauty fascinated me but the financial instability of our family was a hindrance. The beauty courses are pretty expensive everywhere. It is surprising how World Skill Center is helping transform our lives. For aspiring young girls like me, it is unbelievable that I have a job now and I will be working in the leading brand of India,” Dharitrima narrates her story of success. She has been placed with IHCL of Tata Group during recent placement interview organized at World Skill Center.

“When you empower the girls, you empower the families. We, under OSDA have been focusing upon the journey of girls in the skill development and technical education in the state, starting from their enrollment to placement. Especially, these talents of World Skill Center have made us proud by securing their dream jobs and fulfilling the Skilled In Odisha vision”, says Alka Misra, Chairperson Odisha Skill Development Authority & CEO World Skill Center.

World Skill Center helps in achieving the career aspirations of many young girls like Sulata, Goutami and Dharitrima as they are not only being skilled for the global industries here, but are honing the right life skills to match with the demand of the job and their lives.