OdishaPlus Bureau

Communication Consultant Dr Prof Srimoy Patra released the cover of a new book titled LOKASAMPARKA O CORPORATE JOGAAJOGA (Public Relations and Corporate Communication) at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal, on the occasion of Utkal Diwas on Monday. The authors – IIMC Dhenkanal regional director Dr Mrinal Chatterjee and academic associate Soumya Ranjan Bihara – assured that this odia-language book will be available in the market by mid-April 2024. Academic coordinator Jitendra Pati designed the cover and layout of the book.

During the event, Dr Chatterjee said, “This is probably the first major book in Odia on Public Relations and Corporate Communication.” The book’s main aim is to throw light on the common competencies necessary for success as a communications professional, such as communication skills, critical thinking skills, and business acumen. Emphasizing the contents of the book, Dr Chatterjee stated, “In its 17 chapters, the book covers both the conceptual and practical aspects. It also discusses the ethical and legal aspects of the subject. It also looks at the recent trends and future of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, as new and disruptive technologies have started making profound changes in the media ecosphere all over the world.”

Author Soumya Ranjan Bihara pointed out that the book will help students learn the basics of how organizations communicate and will also be useful to those seeking to gain a deeper understanding of communications. On the other hand, academics can too decipher newer pedagogical learning experiences from the contents of the book. Dr Patra, along with all those present, appreciated the efforts of the authors to produce such a seminal work.