OdishaPlus Bureau

  • Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Ambulance
  • 6,493 patients benefited from 2021 to 2024 January
  • Benefits Over 250 patients each month
  • Ambulance has modern facilities for patients

In the modern times, Ambulance is one of the most vital among emergency services. Advanced Ambulance services now operate in the mining affected Keonjhar district, offering free transportation for critically ill patients from rural health centres to district headquarters or specialty health facilities beyond the district. This initiative is supported by OMBADC.

Since 2021, OMBADC has facilitated the operation of 3 ambulances in Keonjhar district. Among them, one is an Advanced Life Support (ALS), and the other two are Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulances. These ambulances are assigned with govt health centres across the district.

The ambulance service accessible at SDH Anandpur, CHC Salania, and HWC Sainkul in Keonjhar has been named ‘OMBADC Seba Sanjog Bahana’. It plays a crucial role in transporting patients receiving treatment at these health centres to major hospitals. From May 2021 to December 2023, a total of 6,493 patients have been benefited by this service. The Ambulances touch approximately 200 to 250 patients each month in the district.

The Advanced Life Support ambulance is equipped with lifesaving medical equipment including oxygen, a ventilator, pulse oximeter, glucometer, nebulizer, infusion pump, suction machine, and various types of stretchers. Likewise, the Basic Life Support Ambulance is equipped with first aid facilities, excluding the ventilator. Additionally, essential drugs and injections are on hand, along with spine boards to facilitate the transportation of accident victims to the hospital.

In addition to the ALS and BLS ambulances, the district administration Keonjhar operates 108 and 102 ambulance services. This ensures that patients can easily reach the nearest hospital from their homes conveniently.

Apart from Keonjhar, OMBADC supports various programs of the Govt of Odisha aimed at enhancing quality healthcare delivery in the mining-affected districts of the state. The healthcare scenario has undergone transformation, renovation and modernization at several health centres with OMBADC support. The implementation of ambulance services has further strengthened the healthcare sector in the mining affected Keonjhar district.