OdishaPlus Bureau

Chairman Gram Vikas Shri Joe Madiath and Managing Director of SBI Foundation, Sanjay Prakash, inaugurated ‘SBI Sanjeevani’, a Mobile Medical Unit in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The initiative is part of SBI Foundation’s program, Gram Seva, implemented in collaboration with Gram Vikas. Liby Johnson, Executive Director of Gram Vikas was also present during the ceremony.

The Sanjeevani initiative aims to provide primary healthcare services at the doorsteps of rural communities in the Kalahandi District. The mobile medical unit will have a dedicated medical team comprising qualified nurses and support staff. The unit will reach remote villages regularly and organise camps to provide primary healthcare services.

Sanjay Prakash said at the event, “Gram Vikas has always tried to contribute in building a strong and developed rural India. Gram Seva is our key program in this direction, wherein we have partnered with grassroots NGOs like Gram Vikas to bring holistic development to remote villages across the country. Today, I have flagged off the mobile medical unit, which will cater to the primary healthcare needs of remote rural communities in the Kalahandi district.”

Liby Johnson, Executive Director of Gram Vikas, highlighted, “This initiative will benefit rural communities residing in the distant and remote areas of the district by addressing their primary healthcare needs regularly.”