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Promotion of Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture Prioritized

Innovating sustainable ways of livelihood generation is imperative improve the standard of living in local populations. To ensure the same, livelihood programs like fish farming and animal husbandry are being promoted by the state government. In the mining affected areas of Jharsuguda district, livelihood initiatives supported by OMBADC funds, help augment income of tribal beneficiaries and members of women self-help groups.

Supported by OMBADC, beneficiaries in Jharsuguda district are being encouraged to practice Aquaculture or fish farming. OMBADC provides financial support for excavation of new ponds along with equipment for modern Biofloc technology of fish farming in Panchayat ponds of the villages.

Biofloc Fish farming has broadened the avenues of income generation for locals. As part of the same, 34 beneficiaries in Jharsuguda district are practicing aquaculture in 68 tanks. Similarly, excavation of new ponds for fish farming is being encouraged with the financial aid of OMBADC. 27 individuals are being benefitted by the ponds being dug in an area of 22.15 acres of land.

“After completing graduation, I took up Biofloc Aquaculture. I am able to earn 10-15 thousand a month which helps take care of my family. I aim to spread my aquaculture business in the days ahead” says Prakash Rohidas from Laikera block of Jharsuguda district. He is grateful to OMBADC for their support through this initiative.

Women SHGs are linked to aquaculture and are becoming financially independent. 168 SHGs of the district have become self-employed by practicing fish farming in village panchayat ponds. The Directorate of Fisheries provides necessary training and technical handholding to the beneficiaries for panchayat fish farming.

“Earlier we were engaged in traditional work. Now we are doing aquaculture in the pond. The financial assistance we received from the OMBADC included funds for cleaning of the pond and buying fish feed. We also bought other necessary tools needed for the job. We are encouraged with the profits earned through aquaculture,” says Basanti Kalo, Women SHG member of Kukurjangha village, Jharsuguda block.

Goat rearing and Poultry farming is a major intervention supported by OMBADC in Jharsuguda. The program is operational in all 5 blocks of the district. From buying goats, building shelters & rearing them, OMBADC provides all assistance to the beneficiaries. Similarly, broiler chicken farms having a capacity of 2000 chickens are also being supported.

“Earlier, I was only cultivating paddy. It became difficult to survive on the meagre returns. Now I am rearing goats with support from OMBADC along with paddy cultivation. I am able to get a decent earning now,” says Parmeshwar Kisan from Pakelpada Village of Laikera block.

The health of chickens and goats is checked regularly by the officials from Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services and necessary medicines along with vaccines are given. Due care is taken to ensure the goats and chickens are kept in a clean environment.

Aquaculture, goat rearing and poultry are being emphasized in the mining affected Jharsuguda, Sundargarh, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Jajpur, Deogarh districts and Kankadahad block of Dhenkanal district with the help of the OMBADC. The initiative helps in ensuring the livelihood of local people.