OdishaPlus Bureau

In the current time, technology is being implemented in all sectors. Today, technology is being widely used in agro business to improve the quality of production including seeds, soil, manure and other inputs. The use of ultramodern ‘Blockchain’ technology in the egg industry is enabling people to know about its quality. Balangir’s ‘OVO Farm’ is the 1st in India to use such technology in egg production.

Today, the ultramodern Blockchain technology is being used internationally to keep digital records of various products. After the implementation of blockchain technology at ‘OVO Farm’ located in the Chhatamakhana village of Balangir district, consumers are being benefited. While buying an egg crate from the market, one can get to know all information of the egg like the production date, quality, nutritional value, etc just by scanning the QR code given on the package.

At OVO Farm, special emphasis is placed on producing healthy eggs. So the chickens are kept in a secure environment and their health is checked regularly. Along with this, the ‘Bio Secure Zone’ protocol is strictly followed. Likewise, OVO Farm has made necessary arrangements to keep the chicks antibiotic-free. Besides, UV treatment, dry cleaning, candling, grading and eco-friendly packaging methods are followed to produce superior quality eggs.

“We are prioritizing the use of latest technology in the production of healthy eggs. Efforts are being made to bring the standards of the eggs to global levels. The eggs being exported abroad are thoroughly tested before being exported abroad,” said Samarendra Mishra, one among the two Co-founders and director of OVO Farms.

OVO Farm’, an agricultural enterprise located in Balangir, a major city in West Odisha, has today become one of the leading egg producers of East India. This farm has the capacity to produce about 10 lakh eggs per day. With the efforts of two entrepreneurs Soumendra and Samarendra Mishra from Balangir, this ultramodern egg industry has been established today. This also helps more than 300 people of Balangir district to earn a decent livelihood.

“When OVO Farms started, Western Odisha didn’t have a business friendly environment. Local people went outside the state in search of work. After OVO Farm became functional, we were able to engage the youth from nearby villages and now they earn a decent income”, says Soumendra Mishra, Co-founder and Director of OVO Farm.

Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition, including high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals. These nutritious eggs are sold in the market by OVO Farm under the brand name of ‘Kenko’. There are also varieties like Hi-Pro, Brown, Immuno, Hearty, MoreOVOr’ and On-Day.

It is sold in various modern grocery chains apart from Kenko’s exclusive outlets in different parts of the country. OVO Farm eggs are now being exported to Qatar and Africa as well. Further, OVO Farm plans to export eggs to various countries like Sri Lanka and Australia in the coming days and expand their business.