Dwijendra Kumar

Those aspiring for a career in modeling must be made aware of the type of modeling assignment for which they are suitable. One needs to possess varied physical and mental attributes for different kinds of modeling assignments which may broadly be categorized under two main headings: editorial and product.

In this write-up, we shall discuss Editorial Modeling including its pros and cons. Making the right decision at the beginning of a career as to which path one would choose, would brighten one’s career prospects in the highly competitive modeling field.

If one has gone through the pages of a fashion magazine, s/he must have come across a few pages mostly in the middle of them, adorned with beautiful images of models in breathtaking outfits and making striking poses. Sometimes these are sponsored ones aimed at advertising dresses, fashion accessories or beauty products from leading brands.

Fashion designers to get photoshoots of their latest collections done exclusively for featuring their newest collections in the fashion magazines. On a few occasions, publication houses get pictures of models published on a few pages of the magazine to highlight a theme or an upcoming trend.

It is an honor for a model to feature on the pages of fashion magazines and showcase one’s distinguished appearance, facial expressions and talent. Such pages attract huge viewership as readers first open them once a copy of a fashion magazine lands in their hands.

For a new comer in the modeling field, getting a chance to feature on the editorial pages of the magazine is a dream come true opportunity ensuring immediate recognition, increasing fan following and acquiring new modeling assignments.

Payments to the models largely depend on the experience and status of the models in the industry. A well established model would be paid handsomely while a new comer would remain satisfied with a lesser amount.

The reason why seniors in the industry deserve better payment is because of the time such photoshoots consume. Unless the art director is satisfied with the requisite expression and pose, the work will continue. A model featured on the editorial pages of fashion magazines also gets to visit various places in search of new or breathtaking locations.

For those aspiring to be Editorial Models, it is pertinent that they possess minimum requirements in terms of height and width. Generally, they showcase haute couture or high-fashion garments, so their physical attributes count a lot in making the pictures taken adorable.

(Dwijendra Kumar writes on fashion and lifestyle issues and has authored books on fashion design & textiles. Views are personal)