Dwijendra Kumar

Should prospective models take a modeling course before going into the industry? In the positive, is what I would advise? Being a model is a very competitive and transient profession. In this line of work, one might not have enough time to settle down. Even though the course may not be specifically career-focused, it would still be beneficial to enroll in order to obtain some understanding of the field.

An aspirant would undoubtedly benefit from taking dramatics and acting course in order to confidently express himself and feel in front of the camera and a live audience.  An aspirant would learn about the prerequisite skills and the crucial connections in the industry through a modeling course provided by those in the industry.

While some leading organizations like Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and National School of Drama (NSD) offer courses in acting  which too would surely be helpful to modeling aspirants, I would prefer one doing a course in modeling  or one which involve both modeling and acting as course content. It is so because a specialized course would help one to familiarize with the dos and don’ts of the profession quickly.

Frankfinn is a leading name in training air hostesses. It is also conducting an eight-week course in modeling at Delhi under the banner of Frankfinn Insitute of Modeling and Acting. The course contents include lectures and demonstrations on   modeling industry- past, present and future, types of modeling, introduction to fashion, catwalk technique and posing, types of choreography, ramp walk, camera walk, skin care and makeup, hairstyling and various trends, photography technique, preparing for pageants, dos and don’ts  of modeling world, portfolio planning, networking and mock shoot picture.

RK Films and Media Company, Delhi conducts fashion modeling courses and runs pageant grooming classes. It’s Fashion Modelling and Pageant Grooming courses include 12 session on basics of modeling, ramp and catwalk, green room and back stage management, portfolio poses, grooming and body language, modeling agency management, casting couch culture, middleman threat, hair and skin care, fitness and diet, positive mental attitude and basic acting classes.

CRAFT Film School, Delhi offers an 8-month course in acting and modeling.  The course contents lay emphasis on developing acting talent and helps in gaining experience and business acumen important determinants of success in the field.

Films and Television Institute of India (Pune) offers short-term courses in screen acting as part of its outreach initiatives. The course contents include regular camera/ technical sessions, practice aspects of Sanford Meisner’s acting technique via behavioural improvisations, monologues for audition craft and technical approach, camera acting practicals, screen work and script analysis, basics of characterization, actors riyaaz, aspects of voice speech and diction, monologue presentation, mulitcamera scenework and multicamera improvisation.

National School of Drama, Delhi conducts 3-years full-time diploma courses in dramatic arts.  The course contents include sessions on classical dramatic traditions in India and the West, modern theatres in India and abroad, traditional and folk theatre of India and specialised training in Indian theatre traditions.

 Zee Institute of Media Studies, Mumbai offers a six-month course in acting. The course familiarises the trainees with sense memory, observation, imagination, improvisations, voice and speech, diction, action problems, movement, monologues, scenes, film orientation, film orientation, play back, acting analysis, film fights and dance.

 National Institute of Film and Fine Arts (NIFFA) Kolkata too offers course in film acting.

It is recommended that prospective models visit the websites of the aforementioned institutes to obtain up-to-date information.

(Dwijendra Kumar writes on fashion and lifestyle issues and has authored books on fashion design & textiles. Views are personal)