Dwijendra Kumar

A model must look striking in a picture that is to be used in the promotion and sale of a product or service. In the digital age of today, most online shoppers make up their minds about products on display based on their appearance. So, a picture of a product with a model in a striking pose taken aesthetically alluringly has the maximum chances of gliding into customers’ hearts. The process involved in taking a model’s picture is known as a  photoshoot.

Photoshoots could be held to promote a product, or a model may hire herself a photographer aimed at creating a distinct portfolio for herself. Sometimes, fashion photographers approach models to build their own portfolios. Fashion magazines and publications also organize photoshoots to create glamorous content for their editorial pages.

In the digital age of today, looks and appearance have attained considerable importance since online buyers make an impression about the product and the service being advertised through the picture taken. Aesthetic and visually appealing pictures of products would have far better chances of creating ripples in the online marketing world than those not done in a professional manner.

A good model photoshoot has the following distinguished features:

  1. Models in various dresses. A model may not look good in all types of dresses. So, she has to be photographed in plenty of outfits. But if a model is promoting a designer creation or the latest seasonal collection of a garment brand, s/he needs to be photographed in those only.
  2. Models give striking poses. Similar to the case with outfits worn by models, pictures of models are taken in a variety of poses. The reason a picture taken during a professional photoshoot looks different from a normal picture is because the model herein appears quite lively and in action. A good photographer asks models to strike various poses until s/he is satisfied. Sometimes one out of many pictures is selected or it could be a few depending on the nature of the photo shoot. If it is for a model portfolio, a model may be photographed in various poses.
  3. Background settings. It could be indoors or outdoors. Photoshoots can be held at a picturesque place which may include a hilly area covered with trees, near a river, in a desert, by a waterfall, etc., depending on the theme or the focal point of the shoot. Indoor shoots are held in a studio or in a house with adequate lighting arrangements. Such places are decorated to create a nice ambience. The walls are painted in solid colours so as to enhance the look of the models. Screens are also used to create the desired effect.
  4. Photographer with the latest state of the art cameras and lenses. He should have sound knowledge of lighting and angles if he wants to capture the moments.
  5. Proper lighting.  Photography is as much about the quality of the camera in hand as the use of lighting. A properly lit location would result in better photographs than one not done so.
  6. Use of props. Props lend a magical touch to a picture. If a model wants to appear jolly and enthusiastic, she may use a ball – shaped object to convey the message. Similarly props in various sizes, shapes and colours could be used. But if the photoshoot is meant to promote a product, no other props except the product being advertised will be used. What is being presented before customer is the ultimate thing and people make an impression based only on that.
  7. Haristyling and makeup. The presence of a good hairstylist and makeup artist is essential for a professional fashion shoots. Hair styling and makeup allow a model to sport various looks in pictures taken during the photoshoots. Hire a fashion photographer, hair stylists, and makeup artists beforehand.
  8. Patience on the part of the model and the photographer to wait for the perfect shot. Photoshoots generally consume a lot of time from choosing the location or setting the background to finally coming up with a striking photo to the satisfaction of advertisers, models and the photographers.
  9. Photoshoots are generally theme-based. Majority of photoshoots have a theme. Have a look at the images and pictures related to the same beforehand. A theme- based photoshoot gives viewers a fair idea of the objective of the picture or intended message.
  10. Exciting fashion pictures are the outcome of a good rapport between models and photographers. Do strike one with a fashion photographer and respond positively to his or her creative suggestions.
  11. Expressions that models carry on their faces lend a special aura to a picture taken. If the photoshoot is for promoting a product, she not only needs to look pretty to enhance the appeal of the product being advertised but she  also needs to wear a look that emanates pleasant feelings. However, for model portfolios, models need to show up with various expressions to help photographers capture him or her in various emotions and moods.

(Dwijendra Kumar writes on fashion and lifestyle issues and has authored books on fashion design & textiles. Views are personal)