Dwijendra Kumar

Ramp modeling is part and parcel of a model’s professional journey. How good a model is while walking down the ramp decides his/her future. A good ramp model makes immediate connection with live audiences and so gets feedback at the spur of the moment. Some of  the leading ramp models who became big names in the Hindi film industry include Aishwarya Rai, Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal etc.

However, it is not a ramp model’s job to entice audience through his looks or walks. The primary objective is to showcase the dresses he/she is wearing and attract attention towards the same only. Ramp walk should only add beauty and grace to it.

To elicit desired response from live audiences it is imperative that the walk exuded  enthusiasm and zest. Other aspects that are vital include their walk should be upright and body posture, straight.

Though imitating catwalk or a model’s walks may appear to be quite a simple task, one can’t ignore hard work put in by models to perfect this art. They spend days and months in  practice  keeping one foot in front of the other one. Sometimes they keep a book on their head and do the walk. During the walk, they don’t let emotions appear on their face and keep facial expressions devoid of any feelings. Confidence oozes out of them while performing the walk.

Success Mantra:

  1. While you walk down the ramp ensure that your posture is correct. You should  walk  straight. Do exercises and yoga to gain your posture right.
  2. How one makes connection  with the audience would depend on the attitude one shows off on the ramp. One must look graceful and confident.
  3. While it is important that you made eye contact with the audiences, it should not be ignored that models are not there to create a fan following for themselves but to promote designers’ creations that they have put on. Cast a casual look on the audiences. However, if one is taking part in a pageant it is import that they made eye contact with the judges. Also put on smile on the face. But please don’t laugh.

Though career as a ramp walker is short lived, one can begin work in the related field post the stint also. One can become Choreographer whose job is to design and roll out a fashion show, Fashion Show Director who manages the complete event, Photographer who clicks photos of models  in best of moods and expressions, Owner of a Modeling Agency and Trainer for the aspirants in the field etc.

An important piece of advice for all the aspirants. Though catwalks by models look alluring and captivating, models need to work hard to keep themselves fit and active. This field also needs fresh faces all the time who are preferred to exposed ones unless the latter is immensely talented.

Approach a reputed modeling agency with a good portfolio of your photos. Share about your height, chest/ waist  and shoe sizes. Height should be above 5 feet 10 inches ideally. Don’t send many photos. Just a few selected ones which must include one full length and one portrait picture of yours without any makeup or accessories.

One needs to be good at communication skills, public relations as also be fluent in English. Sky is the limit for the talented ones!

(Dwijendra Kumar writes on fashion and lifestyle issues and has authored books on fashion design & textiles. Views are personal)