Dwijendra Kumar

Indian advertising industry is currently worth approximate 825.51 billion rupees growing at the rate above 10 per cent per annum and may reach the figure of 1544.07 billion rupees in next 10 years.

Reason for this stupendous growth can be attributed to mushrooming growth in the number of retail shops and establishments as also shopping malls.  Instead of roping in distributors, manufacturer of various products more so those dealing in lifestyle products are pumping in huge sums to catch attention of potential customers.

Modeling industry and the models are one of the biggest beneficiaries of this growth. They are the people who popularize various products amongst consumers through advertisements in print, electronic media and the digital world.

Here is lowdown on the role a model plays in carrying messages of manufacturers across to the potential customers using their looks, expressions, actions etc.

  1. They publicise a product by posing for a picture taken by experienced photographers. How deep does the pose make connection between advertisers and viewers determine the success of the advertisement in delivering the intended message.
  2. When featuring in a lifestyle product or clothing line advertisement, Models need to wear specific dresses provided by the concerned manufacturers.
  3. Act in front of camera while shooting for a commercial video. Under an experienced Director, they need to make requisite facial expressions or speak out the given dialogue. Prior experience in theater is advantageous.
  4. Be ambassadors of brands and attend events, parties and business meets to enhance its image.
  5. Sashaying down the ramp in glittering outfits designed by eminent designers. Each designer showcases his collection at the beginning of fashion seasons.

But, are all models suitable for all types of advertisements? Not at all. Males can’t promote a product meant for females. They would then need to play secondary role. Female models take leads in such advertisements. Ironically, though, women with or without a male companion can appear in promotional campaigns for male exclusive products.

Similarly, models are chosen age and size wise for various campaigns. Child models advertise products meant for children and so is the case with elderly people. Again, for products aimed at plus size customers, one needs to put on weight and it should be visible too.

The preferred age for modeling for various lifestyle products is 18-25 years. Advertisers and promoters like to use models who look young and vivacious.  For athletic and fitness products, advertisers tend to use models who are fit and energetic and thus carry the same vibe onto the pictures or videos.

(Dwijendra Kumar writes on fashion and lifestyle issues and has authored books on fashion design & textiles. Views are personal)