Dr Fakira Mohan Nahak

Manipal University Jaipur witnessed a mesmerising evening with the Maestros of violin. The MUJ organised the Indian classical music festival Kala Samagam on Friday. The jam packed Smt. Sharda Pai auditorium in the campus enthralled with the series of Ragas creating great melodies and presented by the eminent Indian classical musicians of our times Dr. Mysore M. Manjunath, who is the cultural ambassador of India and a Violin Maestro.

Dr. Manjunath one of the youngest Central Sangeet Natak Akademy Awardee was accompanied by Vidwan Arjun Kumar, one of today’s most respected Mridangam artists, and great Tabla artist of Jaipur Gharana Pandit Mahendra Shankar Dangi. The most marked part of the evening was the presence of Ms Malavi Manjunath, a child prodigy and daughter of Dr. Mysore M. Manjunath who also joined and played in the concert for the first time with her father.

The Kala Samagam started with a ceremonial lamp lighting by the dignitaries of the event Mrs. Malini Prabhu wife of President Dr. G K Prabhu, Pro President Dr Thammaiah CS along with his wife Mrs Roshni Thammaiah, Registrar Dr Nitu Bhatnagar, Prof. Anil Dutt Vyas, Dr Sandhya Vyas, Dr Komal Audichya, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Mr. M.S. Sridhar, Head-Human Resources.

The musical evening was also graced by the presence of great violin artists of Jaipur Pt. Ravi Shankar Bhatt Tailang, Prof Madhu Bhatt Tailang, Dr. Shyam Sundar Sharma, Head of Department of Music, St Wilfred’s College, Jaipur and the students and Professors of MUJ.

The first performance of the evening began with “Saraswathi Namosthuthe” in Raga Saraswati in brisk tempo an apt raga to start before the Navaratri Festival  followed by the main krithi of the evening “Samaja Varagamana” in the raga Hindola which is same as Malkauns in Hindustani Music.

The Young Malavi displayed very creative raga prasthara in different structures to give “Bhava” to the raga “Hindola” by constantly pushing the limits of violin playing which was very soothing for the large audience present.  After the nerval and displaying multiple structures of Swaras by both the main artists, it was awesome to witness the Thaniyavarthanam aka Julagalbandi by the great maestros Vidwan Arjun Kumar on the Mrudangam and Pt. Mahendra Shankar Dangi on Tabla.

The excellent part of the concert was that the artists not even played but rather never met each other before. Without any practice or experience together, they delightfully performed with connecting rhythms and beats.

Then the next song “Jagadodharana” in the raga Kapi on Lord Krishna took the audience to a different alter followed with two bhajans Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram and Vande Mataram. Dr Manjunath with his great experience and skills said that Indian music is all about improvisation, and self-realisation.

It is connected with the emotions of people and hearts and souls. He also said that Music is a language of hearts and is beyond religion, discrimination and linguistic barriers. Whatever profession a person belongs to, there always exists music in their hearts.

The event ended with the end note given by Mr. M.S. Sridharand a vote of thanks by Dr. Prashasti Jain. At the end of the event a token of gratitude was given to the artists by university authorities. The event created a mesmerising atmosphere where only music ruled.

The artists showed the best of themselves when their fingers danced over the instruments with efficiency and beauty. They took the audience to a world where communication is through music only. Similar events are organised in regular intervals by the Manipal University Jaipur for the holistic development of the students.

(Dr. Fakira Mohan Nahak is a writer and former media professional. He is currently engaged at Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Manipal University Jaipur)