Monalisa Dash Dwibedy

The warm days of summer have faded into calm, cool mornings, chili afternoon winds, pumpkin spice lattes and the crunch of the fallen leaves underfoot.

As the crisp air and vibrant colors of autumn starts to lend a hue to Ontario’s landscapes, I cannot help but get excited about my long walks and weekend adventures amidst the nature.


Fall foliage paints Ontario in the shade of gold and amber creating a picturesque backdrop for the weekend trips. Rouge Valley Urban Park is one of best places to see the fall colors in the greater Toronto area. You do not have to drive hours out of the city to get back to nature and discover beautiful fall views, you can enjoy it right in our backyard in the Rouge.

For hikers, the Vista trail within the Rouge valley urban park is a moderate two kilometers hike that takes one hour or so. It takes you to a lookout platform which is one of the best places to view Toronto’s autumn colors and spectacular valley views.

There is another trail if you want to drive through the fall foliage. The Glen Eagles Vista trail is very beautiful in fall, providing stunning views of the Rouge River and bluffs. Drive alongside the Glen Eagles Vista area of the park and keep your eye out for stunning views of the bluffs while you take in the breathtaking fall colors under the beautiful blue sky.

The trees always tell a story. An old age blooming wisdom echoes past the cracking laughter of the fall. If you pay attention, the falling leaves tell you that life can very beautiful even when the end comes. If we are conscious enough, the end of life need not be bitter or fearful. It can be as beautiful as birth; it can be as mesmerizing as the colors of fall.

(The author is an IT Consultant living in Toronto. Views are personal)