Prof Ujjwal K Chowdhury

April 21 is the National Public Relations Day in India. This time the focus of the day is on G20 and Global PR, in the light of the Indian presidency of G20 nations.

The concept of “The World is One Family” or “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is rooted in ancient Indian wisdom, and it emphasizes the interconnectedness of all human beings, irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, or other differences. To promote this spirit through Public Relations (PR) at the national and international levels, the following strategies can be adopted:

Engage in cultural exchanges and dialogues: PR practitioners can organize events and activities that facilitate cultural exchanges between different countries and communities. This could include organizing music, dance, or theater festivals, art exhibitions, or sports events that bring people from diverse backgrounds together.

Create awareness campaigns: PR campaigns can be designed to raise awareness about the shared values and commonalities that unite humanity. These campaigns can use different media platforms, such as social media, television, radio, and print, to reach out to a broader audience.

Foster interfaith dialogue: PR practitioners can facilitate interfaith dialogues and conferences that bring together religious leaders and scholars from different faiths to discuss common ground and explore ways to work together towards a common goal.

Encourage cross-cultural learning: PR practitioners can encourage cross-cultural learning by promoting exchange programs that enable people from different countries to learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. Global PR can facilitate cross-cultural dialogue and exchange programs that enable people from different nations to learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences

Support humanitarian causes: PR practitioners can use their expertise to support and promote humanitarian causes that help people affected by natural disasters, conflicts, or other crises, irrespective of their nationality or religion. This can help create a sense of global solidarity and empathy.

Highlighting the benefits of international collaboration: Global PR can help create awareness about the benefits of international collaboration, such as the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise, and the ability to tackle complex problems that no single nation can solve alone.

Promoting international partnerships: Global PR can promote international partnerships between governments, NGOs, and businesses to work together towards common goals and address global challenges.

Advocating for multilateralism: Global PR can advocate for multilateralism, the idea that nations should work together through international organizations such as the United Nations to address global challenges.

Using social media and other digital platforms: Global PR can leverage social media and other digital platforms to connect with audiences across different nations and spread messages of collaboration and cooperation.

To achieve this goal, nations and their PR communities can take several steps, including:

Collaboration: PR communities from different nations can collaborate to develop joint PR campaigns that promote the need for international collaboration.

Sharing best practices: PR communities can share best practices and case studies on successful PR campaigns that promote international collaboration.

Developing partnerships: PR communities can develop partnerships with their counterparts in other nations to work together towards common goals.

Engaging with international organizations: PR communities can engage with international organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization to support their efforts and promote the need for international collaboration.

Training and development: PR communities can provide training and development opportunities for their members to enhance their skills and knowledge in global PR.

Volunteer programs: PR professionals can promote volunteer programs that enable people to contribute to social and community development projects across the world.

Educational exchanges: PR professionals can facilitate educational exchanges that enable students and teachers to learn from each other’s academic and cultural experiences.

Business partnerships: PR professionals can promote business partnerships that enable entrepreneurs and businesses from different countries to collaborate and grow together.

Sports and recreational activities: PR professionals can organize sports and recreational activities that bring people from different cultures together and promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy lifestyles.

Peace-building initiatives: PR professionals can support peace-building initiatives that aim to resolve conflicts and promote reconciliation between different communities and nations.

Media and entertainment: PR professionals can promote media and entertainment programs that showcase different cultures, promote diversity and inclusion, and celebrate commonalities.

Humanitarian aid and disaster relief: PR professionals can support humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts that provide assistance to people affected by natural disasters, wars, and conflicts across the world.

Environmental sustainability: PR professionals can promote environmental sustainability initiatives that raise awareness about the importance of protecting the planet and encourage people from different cultures to work together towards this common goal.

The G20 Aspects of PR & Global Collaboration

The G20 represents the world’s leading economies and is a forum for international economic cooperation and decision-making. The PR fraternity can play a critical role in taking the spirit of G20 nations and their collaboration forward by:

Advocating for G20 goals: PR professionals can advocate for the goals of the G20, such as economic growth, employment, and sustainable development, and promote their achievement through various channels.

Spreading awareness: PR professionals can use their expertise to raise awareness about the G20 and its initiatives among different stakeholders, including the media, policymakers, businesses, and civil society.

Facilitating communication: PR professionals can facilitate communication between G20 member countries and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and effective exchange of ideas and opinions.

Promoting transparency: PR professionals can promote transparency and accountability in the decision-making processes of the G20 to build public trust and confidence.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding: PR professionals can promote cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect among G20 member countries and other stakeholders to create a more inclusive and collaborative global community.

Supporting G20 events: PR professionals can support G20 events, such as summits, meetings, and conferences, by providing media relations support, organizing press conferences, and promoting public engagement.

Promoting best practices: PR professionals can promote best practices in communication and stakeholder engagement that can be adopted by G20 member countries and other stakeholders to improve collaboration and achieve common goals.

Emphasizing the importance of collaboration: PR professionals can emphasize the importance of collaboration and partnerships among G20 member countries and other stakeholders to address global challenges and promote sustainable development.

In conclusion, promoting the spirit of “The World is One Family” through PR requires a sustained effort and a multi-faceted approach that involves engaging people from different backgrounds, creating awareness, fostering dialogue, encouraging learning, and supporting humanitarian causes. By adopting these strategies, PR practitioners can contribute to building a more compassionate, inclusive, and connected world.

The need for international collaboration has become increasingly important in today’s globalized world, where issues such as climate change, pandemics, and security threats require coordinated efforts from different nations.

Promoting the need and means for international collaboration requires a collaborative effort from PR communities across different nations. By highlighting the benefits of international collaboration, encouraging cross-cultural dialogue, promoting partnerships, advocating for multilateralism, and using digital platforms, global PR can help create a more connected, cooperative, and collaborative world

People-to-people collaboration is vital for creating a more connected, cooperative, and harmonious world. PR professionals can contribute to this goal by organizing cultural exchange programs, promoting volunteer and educational exchanges, leveraging social media platforms, facilitating business partnerships, organizing sports and recreational activities, supporting peace-building initiatives, promoting media and entertainment programs, supporting humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, promoting environmental sustainability, and more. By working together, PR professionals can help build bridges across different cultures, promote mutual understanding, and create a better world for all.

The PR fraternity can take the spirit of G20 nations and their collaboration forward by advocating for G20 goals, spreading awareness, facilitating communication, promoting transparency, promoting cross-cultural understanding, supporting G20 events, promoting best practices, and emphasizing the importance of collaboration. By leveraging their expertise, resources, and networks, PR professionals can contribute to building a more connected, inclusive, and prosperous world.

(Writer is Strategic Advisor & Professor, Daffodil University Dhaka, Bangladesh. Views are personal)