OdishaPlus Bureau 

Integrated Physiotherapy Unit and Therapeutic Centers (IPU-TC) in Tribal-dominated Sundargarh district help rehabilitate Children with neurological disorders & delayed milestone, Senior Citizens, PwDs, accident victims, Stroke patients and others. Facilities like Behaviour, Speech, Early Intervention & Occupational therapy are provided for beneficiaries free of cost.

Within the last 1 year, people from across age groups and categories have been extended the facility through over one (1) lakh therapy sessions.

Patients, especially in the rural areas of the district, have been benefitted by the advanced treatment services. In order to provide easy access of people to the facility, the IPU-TCs have been set up at Community Health Centres (CHCs) in various blocks and ULBs. At present 20 IPU-TCs are operational in the district. The District Mineral Foundation, DMF Sundargarh is financially supporting the programme.

“IPU-TCs have become considerably popular in Sundargarh district. People, particularly in rural areas, are getting the benefits of advanced treatment facilities. It is largely on account of the whole-hearted support and cooperation extended by the District Administration and employees/officials of the Health Department that so far over one lakh therapy sessions have been conducted, benefiting people across sections,” said CDM&PHO Dr. Saroj Kumar Mishra.

He added, “Providing calibrated treatment to and rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and their empowerment remains the biggest challenge of present times. The IPU-TCs are playing a worthwhile role in that direction. The main objective of this programme is to provide an opportunity to the PwDs to lead a dignified life in the society.”

IPU-TC services commenced in Sundargarh district in January 2022. The ‘Therapeutic Centre’ is located on the premises of the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sundargarh, while IPU-TCs are catering to the interest of people living in rural areas.

A cross section of the rural population, including the differently abled, senior citizens, working class, women and children are particularly benefitting from the advanced physiotherapy treatment available at IPU-TCs which are equipped with an array of advanced equipment. Trained physiotherapists appointed there are counseling and advising the necessary therapy to the patients. Every IPU-TC is equipped with a separate ward for the treatment of children.

Special attention is given to the treatment of PwDs and ailing senior citizens at the IPU-TCs operating at CHC level. Eco friendly e-Ambulance facility has been extended for their smooth conveyance to the centres. Moreover, free treatment by therapists at doorstep has been provided to bed-ridden patients, who can’t be shifted to the IPU-TCs.