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PR has been an essential element of organizational as well as personal growth. Effective Public Relations can play a crucial role in the creation of a progressive society. “Finding Hope with DLM” focuses on some rudimentary questions relating to Public Relations on the National PR Day
What is Public Relations?
Public Relations, both as a social and management function, involves a process of relationship-building based on communication, trust, understanding and character.
Why is Trust important in PR?
Trust is central to Public Relations. You can’t accept something as long as you don’t trust them: may it be an idea, a person or anything else. Trust leads to acceptance; acceptance leads to relationship; and relationship facilitates persuasion which is the ultimate goal of Public Relations.
How Trust can be built?
The basic ingredients of trust are positive intention, honest communication and responsible behavior. Ivy Lee, often considered to be the founder of the modern Public Relations, in his “Declaration of Principles”  published in 1905, states that the public should receive “prompt and accurate information concerning subjects which it is of value and interest to the public to know about,” concerning businesses and public institutions.
What should be the ideal process of PR?
Any PR activity must start with research: research about the public, their behavioral dimensions. Research leads to understanding and better management of the process. Edward Bernays in an interview in 1991 said ” PR today is horrible. Any dope, any nitwit, any idiot can call himself or herself a Public Relations Practitioner.” He said he regarded PR as a social science. Yes it is indeed. Research leads to understanding; understanding helps in the selection of appropriate tools or medium for communication; and then evaluation of the public attitude determines the communication effectiveness.
What are the major goals of PR?
Edward Bernays wrote: ” the three main elements of PR are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people or integrating people with people.” Public Relations works on the level of  public consciousness. Here information is important, but intention is even more important. If trust is the target, trust is  the asset too. It’s indeed a trust thing that comprises the varied areas of human experience.
(Dr. Debilal Mishra is a communication specialist currently working at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha as Assistant Prof., Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication, Views are Personal)
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