Aishwarya Samanta

 The high- profile Police killer don Vikas Dubey has now gone silent. After reports of him getting arrested made rounds on news and social media platforms last evening, the heroic act of the MP Police dept. was well applauded. The matter soon became a topic of heated debate when the UP STF (Special Task Force) took custody of Dubey under Section 57 of the CrPC without producing him in the court for transit remand.

The fugitive had become the sole target after he and his henchmen killed eight UP Police men in Kanpur last week in a deadly ambush. The whole plot starting right from his arrest to his encounter easily fits into any typical Rohit Shetty movie script (Sigham 2, to be precise.) For someone with a reward of Rs 5 lakh on his head, Dubey didn’t try to hard to conceal his identity.

On the day of his arrest, it was more of a casual visit to the Mahakal temple, with mask on his chin, face easily recognisable. He also bought a VIP ticket, took his cell phone inside the temple although it was banned. And suddenly he gets recognised by a shopkeeper outside the temple who informed the temple security and ultimately the police nabbed him.

When asked to give his phone number, Dubey easily complied with the police officers without a hunch of delay. As if he was eagerly waiting to do the honours. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Once nabbed, Dubey was led to the police vehicle where he shouted out to the passer-by- Mein Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wala! (I am Vikas Dubey of Kanpur). The script gets even more interesting as chapters unfold.

Today morning, the gangster is encountered. Reason? He was trying to escape after the SUV that was carrying him overturned. The car overturned just 30 kms short of Kanpur. Dubey snatched a gun from an injured cop and tried to escape. When commanded to surrender, he open fired. The police in turn retaliated shooting.

Now come the twists.

No. 1: Why was the car that carried Dubey suddenly changed? A CCTV footage from a toll plaza show Dubey crossing the plaza around 4 am in the morning in another car. But the car that overturned is an SUV.

No. 2: Journalists and media persons were forcefully stopped just 2km ahead of the accident stop. What could this mean?

No. 3: Why wasn’t Dubey handcuffed? Had he been handcuffed, he couldn’t have snatched the gun.

The manner of his encounter has raised uproar among the netizens. While some claim it to be an act of justice, others are of the opinion that the encounter is in favour of corrupt politicians and elite persons who backed Dubey.

All in all, the end is too dramatic. Hope we get a clearer version when an investigation is carried out. Or if Akshay Kumar bags the role in this dramatic script. Whichever comes first, audience needs an answer. Eagerly.