“Polar bears could turn out to be completely wiped out before the century’s over. The reason? Global warming due to exceeding levels in the oceanic level (resulting due to shrinking sea ice)”, researchers said on Monday.

Polar bear

Out of the 19 subpopulations of polar bears, from Polar bear the Beaufort Sea off Alaska to the Siberian Arctic areon the verge of extinction as loss of sea water would constrain the animals onto land and away from their food supplies for longer periods, the specialists said. Drawn out fasting, and decreased nursing of offspring by moms, would prompt quick decreases in multiplication and endurance.

“There is hardly any possibility that polar bears would survive on anyplace on the planet, aside from maybe in the high Arctic in one little subpopulation.

The carnivores, which live in Arctic, where temperatures can drop as low as – 40°C in winter, can fast for quite a long time, particularly throughout the late spring when ice dissolves each year. Latest statistics of the polar bear populace shows their numbers have declined by 40% over the last decade, yet a typical issue for scientists is that it has been hard to examine polar bear conduct in these harsh conditions.

However, the timespan without sea ice is enduring longer and more. Unfit to locate an elective food source to seals, an ever increasing number of hungry bears are wandering further from their typical domains, closer to possessed regions. Further studies claim that females are more vulnerable to the crisis.

Moreover, the situation predicts the normal surface temperature of the earth transcending the pre-industrial benchmark — 1°C of warming so far has caused heatwaves and dry seasons among other such common occasions. Researchers paint a depressing picture in the event that we proceed down a similar way and regardless of whether we could top a dangerous climatic change at 2.4°C, which is 0.5°C above.

The best way to spare them is to ensure their territory is left alone by ending an Earth-wide global warming.