OdishaPlus Bureau

  • 85 Year old woman recovers from Coronavirus inspiring hope among many others
  • She hails from Jajpur District
  • She emerged victorious after a 12 day battle against COVID19
  • She was admitted to SUM COVID Hospital
  • COVID19 is especially harmful to old age patients due to degenerative immunity

Battling heavy odds, an 85-year-old woman has emerged victorious in her fight against Coronavirus at the SUM Covid Hospital spreading cheer all around. The woman from Jajpur district was infected by the dreaded virus and was brought to the SUM Covid Hospital for treatment.

Her battle continued for 12 days before she could defeat the disease leading to her discharge from the hospital on Tuesday. Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, who worked relentlessly to provide the necessary care to the aged patient, have been hugely encouraged by her recovery while it has infused hope in the minds of other Covid-19 patients.


In fact, 14 persons, all belonging to Jajpur district and including two three-year-old children, were discharged from the hospital yesterday. They also included a 60-year-old diabetic who was unaware about his condition when he got admitted into the hospital. He was diagnosed with diabetes in the hospital itself. The treatment also helped his pre-prandial blood sugar level to steeply reduce from 400 to 100 when he was released.

The SUM Covid Hospital, set up in collaboration with the state government and supported by the public sector Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), has a total number 525 beds including 25 beds in the ICU. The hospital was functioning in a separate campus away from the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital. The four-storied complex housing the hospital has separate floors for treatment of the COVID positive cases and those kept in isolation. The asymptomatic and seriously ill patients were also being treated in separate places.

As many as 82 doctors have been deployed in the hospital drawn from the departments of medicine, pediatrics, anesthesia, pulmonary medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, psychiatry, ENT and ophthalmology. Besides, 264 nurses were working in the hospital. The medical teams serving the hospital were required to work for 14 days after which they were replaced by a new team of 82 doctors. A team comprising the heads of different departments of the IMS and SUM Hospital had been constituted to advise the doctors on the course of treatment of the patients through video-conferencing. The hospital also has the provision of pathological tests besides X-ray, Echo, and Ultrasonography.


Cleanliness of the hospital complex and premises was given utmost priority as the area was being sanitized daily while the interiors of the hospital including the floor, beds, railings and walls were being sanitized once every six hours. IMS and SUM Hospital was operating two other Covid Hospitals at Talcher and Kendrapara having 156 (including 6 ICU beds) and 110 (including 10 ICU beds) beds respectively.