Dr. Debilal Mishra

International-Womens-DayYes, why Women’s Day? Do we have an answer? The women have been central to the evolutionary progress of a culture, civilization and the societal transformation since ages. A woman carries the essence of the past, sense of the present and the quintessence of the future. Observed minutely, every day of the human life belongs to the women in different contexts.

Now everyone talks about women empowerment. Who will empower a woman? Can the creation ever empower the creator? Women empowerment as a concept is full of some colossal absurdity. A woman is empowered the moment she is born. It can be felt more intensely in the behavioural tendencies of every woman. From everyday experiences, the more sensible aspects of a woman’s nature can be better comprehended.

A woman, in their essence, signifies patience, perseverance, purity and perfection. In fact, a woman empowers a man by way of her mental and behavioural phenomena. A man is born with roles, whereas a woman is born with responsibilities. A man is born with ambitions, whereas a woman is born with actions. A man is born with decisions, whereas a woman is born with dreams. A man is born with rights, whereas a woman is born with duties. A man is born with values, whereas a woman is born with virtues. A man is born with dare, whereas a woman is born with depth. A man is born with knowledge, whereas a woman is born with wisdom. There can be no comparison between a man and a woman since both are uniquely indispensable to each other.

Womanhood is a great experience of humanity replete with love and beauty. A woman undoubtedly signifies the divine possibilities within. Life is a process of learning and exploring ourselves. A woman’s role in the life’s goals is immense. The profundity of her presence in the arduous circumstances makes her a champion of time. There is nothing that is impossible for a woman to achieve. She can think; she can dream; she can choose; and she can become her own identity.

There can be no celebration of life without the power of the women. Every moment a woman somewhere empowers us; our thinking, our consciousness, our character and our culture. The beauty of being a woman is always transcendent. The core of a woman’s thought is filled with emotional harmony and greater sensibilities of the human experience.

There is no need of a day for women since they keep inspiring the world everyday. They can rise above their limitations to give wings to their dreams and aspirations. They are the true makers of the men’s destiny and days. Therefore, why Women’s Day?

(The writer is a Faculty of mass communication and journalism at ravenshaw university, Cuttack and young communication scientist)