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Dutee Chand

SBI Life has launched its new campaign ‘Apno ki #HimmatWaliSeeti’ showcasing the power of family support, which fuels one’s inner belief to rise and shine in life. Taking the thought forward, SBI Life has roped in Indian sprinter Dutee Chand to feature in an inspirational video highlighting how all dreams can be made possible when you get encouragement from your family.

The video narrates the successes and struggles from the life of the national champion and the role played by her loved ones during this journey. Through this powerful narrative, SBI Life aims at encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams, while simultaneously securing their family’s needs by making life insurance a financial priority.

The film starts with a throwback to Chand’s childhood and walks through different stages from her life which molded her into the champion that she is today. The story moves on to capture how the encouragement from Dutee’s family members was instrumental in providing her the strength to pursue her sporting career despite all odds. The film does not stop at showcasing days of her success but also encapsulates the important role of her family’s support in helping her beat the odds in life outside of the running track.

Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand & Corporate Communications, SBI Life Insurance, said, “Through the inspirational story of Chand, we aim to put forth the spirit of happiness and fulfillment experienced by individuals when they have the support of their family members.”

Dutee Chand

Speaking about her association with SBI Life, Chand said, “A strong family builds a stronger you. Through all those hard times in life, your family support is what will keep you going. When I look back, I couldn’t thank my stars enough for having bestowed me with a supportive family like mine. It’s true when they say keep your success close but your struggles closer. It keeps you humble, grounded and focused. I thank SBI Life for this opportunity to relive key moments from my life that made me the person that I am today and more importantly to be able to use this platform to thank my family for believing in me and my dreams”.

Himat Wali Seeti

‘Apno ki #HimmatWaliSeeti’ campaign highlights that once an individual has ensured a safe future for the family, a little encouragement from loved ones can boost one’s confidence to take up an alternative interest which may have been delayed due to other commitments.