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Wen Giving Foundation and Mission for Vision

LV Prasad Eye Institute partnered with Wen Giving Foundation and Mission for Vision to inaugurate the first Wen Giving Foundation Hall of Residence. The liberal support from the Wen Giving Foundation will enable the organization of a residential service for Allied Ophthalmic Personnel at LV Prasad Eye Institutes (LVPEI) campus in Bhubaneswar called the Mithu Tulsi Chanrai (MTC) campus, which in turn will positively impact the reach and spread of eye care services in Odisha.

Commenting on launch, Dr. Suryasnata Rath, Director of MTC campus, LVPEI Bhubaneswar said, the augmentation of the hostel block with a generous support from Wen Giving foundation in partnership with Mission for Vision, will allow all Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP)to reside within the premises of MTC campus. This is timed well considering the major capacity expansion currently happening at MTC and plans for inauguration of a state-of-art operation room complex in July 2020. In addition expansion of the hostel will provide a safe and secure environment to all cadres of trainees giving them after-hours access to the library and resource centres.

“Giving young people, especially young women, the opportunity to create life and happiness is at the heart of Wen Giving’s mission. We are proud to partner with LVPEI and MFV to open this hall of residence. We hope this will provide opportunity to those who reside here and the community they serve”.

Wen Giving Foundation and Mission for Vision

The Wen family has been actively engaged in charitable initiatives since the 1960s. Their aim is to improve and promote wellbeing and the quality of life of those who are less fortunate or disadvantaged. Under the guidance of Mr Chiu Chi Wen and Mrs Mei Wen, the foundation is continuously creating far reaching impact through its various health, educational, and compassionate projects covering over 10 countries in Asia. They support, simplify and execute projects that lead to both instant and long-term advancements in deprived communities.

The importance and necessity of AOP in the delivery of eye care is being increasingly recognized. Most blinding conditions can be effectively addressed by early detection, referral, and treatment. Not only are adequate service points not available, there is also a gross inadequacy of this cadre, which is seriously hampering the delivery of quality eye care service and the efforts to combat preventable and curable blindness.  This residential facility is being established to respond to this vital need, said Elizabeth Kurian, Chief Executive Officer of Mission for Vision.