Krittika Satpathy


It is generally perceived that only education can make a person successful. But there are few who have not got a chance to be educated but have become successful with their helpful contributions to society. With their will power and determination, these people have proved that education is not confined to any institution.

One such example is a 16-year-old boy named Pintu Nayak from Deshbhatli village of Bheden block in Bargarh district. His family consists of three members, his mother, his elder brother and himself. His family’s financial condition is not so good. He lost his father four years ago. His mother supports the family by working as a daily laborer while the elder brother does electrical repairs and earns money.

Due to a lack of resources, Pintu could not continue his studies. He could not even clear his matriculation. But he utilized his time. He collected discarded electrical devices and made different things.


With these electronic wastes, he has made an inverter that is being used when there is a power cut. The inverter that he has produced is supplying power to an electric bulb for 2 hours continuously. He says that if good materials will be provided then, he could make an improved inverter which would even supply power to a fan and a television.

This 16-year-old boy wishes to study electricity in ITI. He hopes that if he would be given a better opportunity in life then, he could also create many new electronic gadgets.


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