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When it comes to sharing videos, YouTube has become an indispensable medium. The video sharing website hasn’t limited itself to entertainment alone, it has made inroads into news sharing too. The audience is now lapping up the news videos on YouTube like never before.

A report prepared by ‘Vidooly’  the video analytics marketing company gives a true picture of the digital media scenario in Odisha. According to its latest report, amongst the ‘digital only’ Odia news channels who share their videos on YouTube, ‘OdishaLive’ has occupied the top slot. Vidooly has recently released the report that places OdishaLive at No 1 position in respect of ‘digital only’ news.

Vidooly has done the analytics taking into account Odisha’s thirteen news channels which are engaged in video sharing.Out of these channels, Kanak News occupies the top position in the conventional news channel category whereas OdishaLIVE has become the No 1 perfomer amongst digital only news channels.

Vidooly had conducted the all-India study between January and August 2019. According to the report, all the thirteen Odia channels had garnered a whopping 134 crore views. Kanak News, OTV, News 18 Odia, Kalinga TV, News7 have occupied top five positions among the traditional news disseminating channels.

In the digital only category, OdishaLIVE has topped the list while Argus and NNS News have got second and third positions respectively. As the top digital only news channel, OdishaLive had 42.91 million views. The Vidooly analytics show that conventional news channels have a ninety three percent viwership whereas digital channels have seven percent viewership. The maximum viewers in both the categories were in May (general elections) followed by July (Rath Yatra).

OdishaLIVE CEO Nilambar Rath has thanked the viewers who have reposed their faith in the digital channel which is now on an expansion mode.