OdishaPlus had an exclusive interview with Dr. Nitin Seshachalam, Senior Refractive & Cataract Surgeon of  MaxVision Group of Hospitals.


Diwali is a festival of light. It illuminates everyone’s life with happiness and joy. People celebrate it with great fervor illuminating their houses with variety of lights and burning crackers. Sometimes those crackers can be the reason of sadness and worry. One must take utmost care while playing with or bursting crackers. It can have adverse effect on eyes as well. Dr. Nitin Seshachalam  from  MaxVision Group of Hospitals advices us how to take care of our eyes this Diwali

eye care in diwali

  1. What are the ill-effects of crackers on the human eye?

Dr. Nitin – Crackers can affect human eye in two ways- thermal injury in the combination with chemical injury. Most of the chemical used in the crackers are injurious if they come in direct contact with the eye. The other one is that the fumes released from the crackers cause some amount of irritation by disturbing the tear film of the eye

2. What are the types of cases that you deal post-Diwali? How serious are they and how do you treat them?

Dr. Nitin – Mild cases include auxiliary irritation that can be controlled with a soft course of medication It can then vary to chemical/thermal injury where the cornea of the eye or the auxiliary surface is damaged which requires a more intensive treatment where the chances of vision recovery are also uncertain. And the most severe is when we tend to have any kind of open globe that might be a penetrating injury. The most common happens to be thermal injuries.

diwali celebration3) What are the precautions one should take in order to avoid such mishaps?

Dr. Nitin – Prevention is always better than cure. Firecrackers are for fun but like any other things that are meant for fun, need to me handled responsibly. They have to be used by adults or if by children then under adult supervision.

Another recommendation has to be to wear some protective eye-care like eye protection goggles while using firecrackers because you might be taking utmost care but can suffer due to the carelessness of the person next to you.

4) What are the guidelines for children to abide while handling firecrackers?

Dr. Nitin – The most practical tip for children and as well adults is to never go back towards an under-lit firecracker. Proper handwashing after playing with firecrackers.

eye care in diwali

5) How to relax the eyes after attending firecrackers?

Dr. Nitin – Lubrication, Eye-drops are recommended after attending crackers to clear out whatever dust or pollution must have accumulated into the eyes which can be prescribed by a local practitioner. In any case of injury, rather than trying to do some self-medication at home kindly visit a trained professional or a local eye hospital near you. Because the home remedies can cause more harm than good

6) Is there a safer way to enjoy Diwali when it comes to crackers?

Dr. Nitin – Diwali is the festival of lights not firecrackers. Rather than having individuals light up firecrackers, there can be a community firecracker shows/ display show/ laser shows done by the professionals where people can come and witness it. That way you’re staying away from harm and actually enjoying the show.

Q. Any message you want to give to our readers?

Dr. Nitin – “Diwali is a fun festival and shouldn’t end up with disaster because of carelessness. Wish you all a very Happy Diwali”.