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The average income of farmers in State is increasing steadily and during the period from 2002-03 to 2015-16 the average income of farmers in Odisha grew more than seven times as per statistical data. The Draft Agricultural Policy -2019 reveals that the average monthly income of Odisha farmer was only Rs. 1062 in the year 2002-03 where as it reached Rs. 7,731 per month in the year 2015-16. As per the National Sample Survey (NSS)-59 round report the average monthly income of farmers of Odisha was shown as Rs. 1062 whereas in NSS-70 round report it is claimed that monthly average income of farmers family from all sources reached Rs. 4,976 in the year 2012-13.

However, the income of Odisha farmers, only from the agricultural farm during the above period, was abnormally low. In 2002-03 as per government report, the monthly average income of farmers’ family in Odisha only from agriculture was Rs. 336 whereas it was shown Rs. 1407 in the year 2012-13.

From these NSS reports, it is clear that while the average monthly income of farmers of Odisha from agriculture and allied sector was Rs 4976 in the year 2012-13 such monthly income of farmers from Punjab was Rs 18,059. Average monthly income of farmers from Haryana was shown as Rs 14,434 whereas in Kerala it was 11,888. In this score, Odisha was left behind many States.

The average monthly income of farmers only from agriculture in the year 2012-13 was only Rs. 1407 in Odisha against Rs. 10,862 in Punjab, Rs. 7767 in Haryana, Rs. 4930 in Karnataka, Rs. 4211 in Assam, Rs. 4016 in Madhya Pradesh and Rs. 3856 in Maharashtra. Many states are ahead from Odisha on this score.

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A Survey Report of NABARD brought solace to planners of agricultural development in Odisha. As per this report, the annual average income of Odisha farmers was Rs. 92,772 which is at least seven times higher than the average income in the year 2002-03.

In draft Agriculture Policy it is claimed that Odisha is producing about Rs. 75,800 crore worth agricultural and allied output. Because of the rural agrarian economy about 83 percent of people of the State are living in villages and about 61.8 percent of its 17.5 million work force is employed in agriculture.

Agriculture sector contributes about 18 percent to the State’s GDP. The state has gross cropped area of about 8 Million hectors of which 46% is double cropped. Paddy is the principal crop which covers about 2.87 billion hectors.


As per a report of the Union Government, in the year 2015-16 production from agriculture and allied sector in Odisha was Rs. 75,806 crore whereas in India it was Rs. 28,46,556 crore. So far as such production is concerned Odisha stands at 14th place in the country.