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The Odisha Public Service Commission has advised all candidates to approach it for redressal of any of their grievances and avoid misguiding the media. The Commission has warned to refrain from approaching various persons to influence decisions in their favor.

“Notwithstanding the democratic rights of individuals, such actions with wrong and malafide intentions may lead to a candidate’s disqualification from any examination being conducted by the Commission and UPSC,” it warned. It said the Commission has recently observed that some candidates have been indulging in spreading false information in the media of the perceived injustice to them during OCS-2015 and ASO-2018 examinations.

“The Commission has examined all complaints in detail and have found the allegations without any substance and with ulterior motives for re-evaluation.”It said one candidate has also raised suspicion in the difference of marks awarded by the Examiner & Chief Examiner.

On investigation, it was revealed that even if the candidate was given the benefit of the higher mark, awarded by either of the Examiners, he remained much below the laid down cut off mark in his category, the Commission said adding, the fact has also been personally apprised to the candidate.

“The Commission maintains a very high level of integrity in the conduct of examinations with full transparency and has a robust grievance redressal system. The level of competency has enabled the Commission to achieve the highest selection rate and lowest legal cases in recent times,” it asserted.