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The Rath

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has dedicated ‘The Rath,’ a steel monument to the people of Odisha. The monument, located at the picturesque Biju Patnaik Park here, and presented by Tata Steel in collaboration with Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA), explores the notion of life, motion, and energy.

The design of the monument is inspired by the dual narrative of the Sun Temple and the Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) and attempts to accentuate the diverse cultures and rich heritage that form the soul of Odisha.

The Rath

Designed by Nuru Karim and crafted in steel, ‘The Rath’ rests on three points with a minimal footprint on the landscape. The rotating polygonal frames are laid out on a 120° tri-axis, representing the 8-hour sub-division of the 24-hour cycle and the concept of time. The structure uses the narrative of community heritage as a springboard to envision the future.

‘The Rath’ pavilion design can be experienced at three levels. The experience of being physically and psychologically caught in a web of steel is bound by a space-time continuum. The pavilion underbelly houses an amphitheater for events and performances, which can be accessed by people from all walks of life. ‘The Rath’ can be explored as a sculpture in the park, a beacon that attracts intrigue, inquiry, and investigation.