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World Bicycle Day celebrated on 3rd June to spread awareness of the benefits of cycling.

Cycling and incidents related to it are perhaps the most exciting memories one has of his childhood. Growing up is incomplete without having memories of cycle in it. Cycling is also associated with many health benefits. First time in the history, on 12th of April 2018, in the 72nd General Assembly of United Nations has designated 3rd of June as the “World Bicycle Day”.

Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan, who will head the Ministry for Health and Family Welfare, arrived on cycle to take charge as a minister at the Nirman Bhawan in Delhi today. India celebrated the World Bicycle Day with utmost enthusiasm in cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar.


Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club (BCAC) celebrated this day by holding a rally from Bhubaneswar Club to Nandankanan. More than 30 cyclists including ladies and kids, from the age group of 4-64 joined the peloton of riders from different parts of Smart City Bhubaneswar. On this occasion, Addl. DGP Sanjeeb Panda, President of BCAC conveyed, “As a responsible citizen, everyone should come forward and adopt to cycling (wherever possible) to stay fit and also help to keep the environment healthy.”

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With the pollution increasing at an ever-faster-rate, bicycles are an environment-friendly option to travel; with the health benefits being infinite. Speaking on the occasion Ajay Kumar Nanda, Secretary BCAC said, “Members of Bhubaneswar Cycling & Adventure Club (BCAC), along with members of Cycling Buddies, participated in a 20-km group ride to create awareness among people about the benefits of cycling. Besides its health benefits, cycling could help considerably reduce carbon footprint with reduced use of two-wheelers and four-wheelers.” Mr. Nanda also owns the bike outlet ‘22Bikes’ in Bhubaneswar and has recently opened an outlet in Cuttack.

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BCAC, as the only registered cycling and adventure club of Bhubaneswar is promoting cycling along with other adventure activities among the mass. It regularly conducts cycling expedition and does many events to promote cycling as a healthier and eco-friendly mode of exercise and general commute as a whole.

The health benefits of cycling are infinite, and should be regularly practised by people often on off days. With bicycle renting apps like Mo Cycle, Yulu and Hexi one need not take the stress to go ahead and buy one for himself, rather hire one and add benefits to his/her health.

Story: Joydev Majumdar