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The Irremissible Acute Encephalitis Syndrome has arrogated a number of lives in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, nearing the death toll is mounting to hundred. As the state grapples with the noxious disease, theunion government has announced a series of actions including hundred of beds in the ICU for children in Muzaffarpur.

It has raised a terror all over the nation and people are keen to know about the disease. So, Acute Encephalitis Syndrome is a neurological disorder which affects the brain and the limbic system as the virus enters the body. Once the virus reaches to the blood, it starts to migrate towards the brain tissues and multiplies itself into numbers. It is a deadly disease and early diagnosis is the only key to recovery.

With the only reported symptoms being low blood sugar so far, the disease is something that can manifest into more severe condition, including very high fever, comma, seizure, paralysis, hearing loss, vision impairments. It affects the brain and neuro system of the body.

How does this spread?  

Just like other viral strain, AES spreads through contaminated surface such as water. Once infected, the patient can infect more individuals through their secretion or saliva. In Bihar, it has been reported that the victims might have ingested toxins from the infected lychee fruit.

How can the disease be cured and prevented?

The doctor reports that it can be cured with an early diagnosis. According to the doctors, the first treatment plan for this viral infection is hydration and increasing the glucose level in the body. Some patient may also require breathing support and ICU care. In viral Encephalitis, Anti-biotics may not work and antivirals may be used.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Shahi, a senior doctor from SKMCH, Muzaffarpur has reported to TV 9 Bharat Barsha that the preventives can be taken to dodge this disease. He advised the parents not to let their children out of the house. The local government should provide ORS for free to the people. The doctor also suggested to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated in summer season. As a precautionary measure, one should only consume fruits and vegetables procured from the harvest after washing thoroughly.

encephalities diagram

The mortality rates in kids have been traced to be the highest amongst all those affected. The reason for this is the lack of nourishment, which leads to a mismatch in the blood sugar levels and comprises immunity as well.

The ministers started paying visit to the hospital after the demise of 90 children in Sri Krishna Medical college and Hospital. Tensions surmounted in SKMCH, where Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare was visiting, as people demonstrated the alleged inadequate services by the hospital and negligence by politician. Black flags were shown to his convoy as public outrage continued through the minister’s visit.

A distraught man, whose brother is admitted in the hospital, took off his shirt and protested against visit by political leaders after such huge casualty and not before. A five-year-old girl’s family says she died in front of Harsh Vardhan, who was a doctor before diving into politics. The family of the patients complain that the doctors and nurses were misbehaving when asked for treatment. In this condition the government should take preventive measures and condemn the medical team for that type of behaviour.

harsh vardhan“I have personally talked to every concerned individual about this issue. I have talked to every official and every minister to ensure that everything is being done to fight this disease.” Harsh Vardhan said after the review. The chief minister of Bihar Nitin Gadkari also has conveyed deep gratitude upon this matter and announced ex-gratia of 4 lakh each to families of the children who died due to the disease. He has also given direction to the medical team for better care of the positive diagnosed children.

The efforts brought down the encephalitis death toll to four in 2016 & 2017, and 11 last year. But it has seen a spike this year with so much deaths. Encephalitis situation is desperate in Bihar for Nitish Kumar government.

Story By- Sanat Padhi