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 Ajit Doval appointed as National Security Advisor for the 2nd consecutive term on 3rd June under Modi Government

Ajit Doval

The New Narendra Modi Cabinet made its biggest announcement so far on the 3rd of June (Monday). The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet approved Ajit Doval’s appointment as the National Security Advisor for the second consecutive term, making him the first person to hold this esteemed office consecutively. According to an official order made public on Monday, the veteran was also given an elevated stature equivalent to that of a Union Cabinet Minister. In his previous term, he was given a stature of Minister of State in September 2014, after the Chinese side insisted for ministerial-level talks. His appointment will be co-terminus with the appointment of the Prime Minister, the official order said.

Ajit Doval China

The move did not raise many eyebrows, considering the pivotal security decisions that Doval was credited with during his first tenure as the National Security Advisor. Among other things, Doval was widely hailed for his instrumental contribution to surgical strikes on terrorist launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir after the Uri terror attack. The 74-year-old also played a crucial role in the Balakot air strike, after the dastardly terrorist attack in Pulwama.

Having the distinction of being the first police officer to have received the ‘Kirti Chakra’, which is a military honour, Doval is one of the best operational brains in the intelligence circles. He is also an accomplished negotiator, with vast experience under his belt. His role in bringing the Mizo insurgent leader Laldenga to the negotiating table by winning over six of his commanders, and also clandestinely entering Mizoram and China to shatter the dominance of the Mizo insurgent outfit is something that is still very fresh in public memory. More recently, he was one of the main negotiators from India with the hijackers of Indian Airlines Plane IC-814 to Kandahar in 1999.

Ajit Doval and Modi

Throughout his 33 years in the upper echelons of the Intelligence Bureau, Doval has worked in the most contentious and politically charged regions of India like Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, and the North-east during the zenith of insurgency. The security situation in these areas was incredibly dire and required handling by someone especially adept at Indian Security Apparatus.

Continuing his legacy from his past accomplishments, Doval will continue to majorly influence the government’s security policy; including dealing with the situation in Jammu & Kashmir, engagement with Pakistan and China, as well as deepening India’s relationship with some of the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. There is undoubtedly none better equipped to handle India’s security situation than the ‘thorough’ and ‘sharp’, Ajit Doval. His clear insight and vision on Indian and global security issues, and unmatched experience make him the quintessential diplomat for this position.

Story by: Saaransh Mishra