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  • Compensation for loss of life and disability due to rail accident
  • Rs 8 Lakh provided in case of Death 
  • Upto Rs 7.2 Lakh provided in case of Disability 
  • Amount provided apart from Central & State Declared Compensation
  • Applications to be given at local Railway Claims Tribunal office

    The Odisha Train Tragedy near Bahanaga railway station in Balasore district made national headlines due to the sheer toll of the dead and injured. While 288 people reportedly lost their lives, the injured stand at over four times this figure. A compensation to the tune of Rs 10 Lakh for the next of kin was announced by the central government in the wake of the disaster.
    Apart from this, there is a provision of additional compensation to the families of the affected, through the Railway Claims Tribunal. The affected families can claim an amount of up to Rs eight lakh as compensation from the Railway Claims Tribunal, informed a Bhubaneswar based official of the tribunal.In case of railway accident anywhere in India, the Railway Claims Tribunal provides special compensation to the families of the deceased passengers.

    East Coast Railway ECoR HQ, Bhubaneswar

    For this, the family of the victim has to fill a form issued by the railway department and tender it at the local railway claims tribunal office. The Tribunal then examines the application and awards appropriate compensation to the applicant.

    The relatives of Odisha passengers who lost their lives in the Bahanaga train accident on June 2 can now apply for compensation to the Indian Railway Claims Tribunal in Bhubaneswar. They can also apply for the same at the head office of East Coast Railway.

    Once scrutinized, the application shall be sent to the Railway Claims Tribunal. The tribunal will take the application into consideration and then award a special compensation of Rs 8 lakh to the family of the deceased.

    Passengers who are grievously injured or have sustained other injuries are also eligible for special compensation through the Railway Claims Tribunal. For this they have to apply to the local Railway Claims Tribunal. Such individuals are entitled to a compensation amount of up to Rs 7.2 lakh. The tribunal will decide the amount of compensation after considering the circumstances of the injured individual.

    The Union Railway Ministry has put in place specific regulations to obtain suitable compensation under the Railway Claims Tribunal. Let’s find out the rules.

    What are the rules for getting compensation?
    As per the rules of the Ministry of Railways, the amount of assistance will be paid to the family members who are related by blood to the deceased. If the husband dies, the wife can get compensation, otherwise the husband can get compensation if the wife dies.

    Apart from this, if the person who lost his life is unmarried then his parents shall be paid the compensation amount by the Railway Tribunal.

    According to Section 124 of Indian Railway Claims Tribunal Rules 1989, compensation is paid to the next of kin of a person killed in a railway accident. For this a special committee is formed in the tribunal.

    Documents Needed

    • Photo ID proof of the applicant & proof of relation with the victim
    • Copy of post-mortem report & copy of death certificate
    • Copy of hospital discharge report and disability certificate (in case of injuries sustained)
    • ID proof of the deceased (Aadhaar/Voter ID/ Ration Card/ Passport, etc)
    • Marriage Certificate (If victim is married)
    • Copy of Applicant’s Bank Passbook


    How to Apply?

    • Duly fill-up the form provided by the Railway Claims Tribunal
    • Keep documentary proof of the applicant’s relation with the victim/deceased while filling up the form
    • Attach necessary documents along with the application form
    • Submit the form to the appropriate official at the Railway Claims Tribunal office
    • Seek advice of concerned official in case of difficulty in filling up the form
    • Claims Tribunal verifies the details furnished and then hands over the compensation amount to the next of kin

    In the Odisha train tragedy, the next of kin of the deceased are being given a cash amount of Rs 50 thousand while the remaining 9 lakh 50 thousand have been given by way of bank cheques.

    Moreover, the state government of Odisha has announced an additional sum of Rs five lakh for the family of the deceased. Additionally, family of those who lost their lives in the unfortunate accident can claim a sum of Rs eight lakh from the railway claims tribunal.

    Apart from railway accidents, if any person is injured due to goods carrying train or other such railway related cases, affected individuals can also apply for compensation to the Railway Claims Tribunal.