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A Reading Room was inaugurated virtually at Khunta Degree Mahavidyalaya in Mayurbhanj on Tuesday by Chairperson of Mo College Abhijan Akash Dasnayak in the presence of Principal Saroj Ranjan Tripathy. The inauguration coincided with the 28th Foundation Day of the college.

Mo College Abhijan Chairperson Akash Dasnayak said that the quality education should be a priority of every learning-based institution.

“The college providing a reading room for the students is praiseworthy. Offering every possible amenity to further the cause of students’ education and learning is a prime objective of Mo College,” he opined.

The reading room is situated on the first floor of the Mahavidyalaya, over the library building. The construction of this reading room is part of the project proposed by the college under Mo College Abhijan. The college received a contribution of Rs 3 lakh, and under the provision of Mo College received a matching grant of Rs 6 lakh.

Smt. Indumati Dash, Alumnus of Khunta Degree Mahavidyalaya who has contributed Rs 2 lakh for the purpose said, “I feel proud that finally my college has a spacious reading room. The longstanding need of a reading room is now addressed.”

In total, the college got more than Rs 9 lakh for the completion of the project. The reading room has a capacity for 200 students and addresses the lack of spacious reading room area for the students.

“A reading room was a dream of all the students and for the college too. With a matching grant from Mo College, all our students will get benefitted from the facility”, said Saroj Ranjan Tripathy, Principal.

Based in tribal area of Khunta at Mayurbhanj, the college firmly believes in infusing a strong value system in its students. The generous contributions of Alma Mater under Mo College Abhijan have turned dreams into reality before the very eyes of the students.

Mo College Abhijan under the vision of CM Naveen Patnaik is a dynamic platform aiming to connect, converse and converge the higher education institutions in Odisha, with their alumni globally.

With a unique concept of Matching Grant, an alumni contribution to a higher education institution under Mo College is matched with 2 times the amount by the state government for development of the higher education facility benefiting the students and the alumni, who share a pleasant feeling of giving back to the alma mater.

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