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Normalise Students’ Discussing About Mental Health- Mo College Chairperson Shri Akash Dasnayak

Ravenshaw University Cuttack organized a Seminar on Mental Health on Wednesday.

Prof Jashobanta Mohapatra, HoD Department of Clinical Psychology, Mental Health Institute (CoE), SCB Medical College & Hospital Cuttack was the key speaker at the event. Mo College Abhijan Chairperson Akash Dasnayak was the Guest of Honor while Ravenshaw University Vice Chancellor Prof Sanjay Kumar Nayak presided over the Seminar.

In his talk, Prof Mohapatra stated that suicide is not an option while dealing with depression or mental health issues. “Lack of knowledge about mental health has led to a dangerous situation where youngsters are committing suicide, which is alarming”. Taking psychological advice, mental health sessions and spending time with family members has proven to be beneficial for an individuals mental health, said the expert.

Mo College Chairperson Akash Dasnayak gave a brief idea about Mo College Abhijan and how various contributions like financial, intellectual and Service that will help in the evolvement of various institutions. “Life is a journey that has many ups and downs and it’s natural to face setbacks. Nevertheless, fighting back is important and talking about your own mental issues is very normal. Open up to your family, develop habits of reading, meditation, fitness and look at the positive side of life”, opined the Chairperson while interacting with students at the university.

VC Prof Sanjay Kumar Nayak stated that living life based on gadgets and cutting away social ties is a major reason for depression which needs to be dealt before it’s too late. “Living in the real world is more important than the virtual world”, Prof Nayak said.

Among others, Students, Coordinator, Faculty members and staff were also present during the seminar.

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