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Amidst the myriad challenges that life gives, being calm is definitely an uphill  task. How to stay calm? Today we’ll discuss such questions in the column Finding Hope with DLM.

How does calmness help us?
First of all,  there’s is a great energy and focus in being calm. Inner calmness helps in self-exploration and facilitates self-awareness. When we are calm we can concentrate more on the ideas we are after. Moreover, calmness is an essential ingredient of creativity. Not only does it sustain the creative energies, but also helps them thrive to the greatest possible degree.

How can one be calm in turbulent situations?
Whatever may be the situation, one can still be calm! In fact,  staying calm within helps us handle the situation in a better way. Taking stress or getting tense never solves a problem; rather it worsens the situation further. We must realize that one’s best self functions only when there’s calmness inside. To be calm one has to explore the inner depth, trust, and sense of acceptance. The more vast you are from within, the lesser perturbed  you are. It’s the calmness that paves the way for wisdom and behavioural stability. Calmness is certainly a virtuous experience.
How can someone  be calm when they are living with disturbing elements? 
If we are calm within, the chaos without can never last longer. Calmness has a greater degree of positivity that can overcome all negativity. Being calm is a feeling of being compatible with  the situation one is in. We must remember that nothing can ever disturb us without our own consent. Our inner space is our exclusive possession.
No one can ever infringe upon it unless welcomed. Whatever may be the situation, calm minds never give negative reactions since they are full of understanding and faith. The real meaning of the life lies in overcoming the challenges that it gives.
When we are calm, we become stronger than the situation. Our inner calm can overcome all that disturbs and distracts. 
What’s the impact of calmness on our life as a whole? 
Calmness leads to creativity,  wisdom and truth as central to our true growth. A weak mind reacts; a strong mind resists; but a great mind always stays calm for it only knows the truth. The  inner calm in every situation enhances the inner beauty. Positive thoughts,  constructive habits and creative goals together contribute to the calmness inside wherein lies someone’s real character replete with the strength and beauty.


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