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Our excessive dependency on technology is causing disastrous consequences at times. It’s high time we should manage our relationship with technology for a better life and a better world.

How’s technology affecting our lives?
Observed minutely, we are gradually making our way into a subtler era of ‘Intellechnology’ wherein lies a reciprocal relationship between the human intellect and technology. The modern smart technologies have greater behavioural dynamics. In this context one may talk about mobile phones, various app-based communications and the underlying technological convergence. Today the Communication technology has become a vibrant human necessity, quite indispensable in the usual process of life.

How do you view our dependency on technology? 
We become dependent only when we badly need something. But there is a difference between the affected need and the actual need. One needs to understand the difference. Why do I need it? Do I really need it or I need it just because others need it? The modern innovative communication technologies have influenced the human mind in a big way. Every mind is unique, but they seem to be affected equally by the technology.
The sustained technological intervention is leading the human mental behaviour into an uncreative realm of existence replete with the passivity, rigidity and negativity of the thoughts. In a sense we no more use technology these days; rather, the technology uses us owing more to our inordinate and irrational dependency. After the advent of the internet-based interactive communications including social media and new media, much of the human behaviour has been technologically determined. It has given rise to the increasing instances of techno-emotionalism.
Techno-emotionalism sounds really interesting! What is it actually? 
Simply put, every techchnological medium has got a distinctive nature. The nature of the medium affects the nature of the communication; the nature of the communication affects the nature of our lives; and the nature of our lives affects the nature of our societies. The Communication technologies can influence, control  and create emotions in certain contexts. Excessive dependence on, or addiction for, technology can be worrying. When the mind is technologically regulated or programmed, it leads to the loss of the human sensibilities. And eventually, it thinks, acts and behaves in a way bereft of humane values and emotional connectivity. Therefore techno-emotionalism refers to the effects of the technological dependency on the human emotions and its behavioural consequences.
What are the solutions you can see in this context? 
First of all, we have to work on our habits  and manage ourselves. We are in a better position to  determine our needs as individuals. We are possessed by the technology the moment we can’t control our dependence. We must be aware of the technological determinism through effective self-management.
Secondly, we must value the genuine emotions in all our relationships. Technology must act as a facilitator, not as a controller of emotions. A value-based life believes in valuing duties towards real emotions. The virtual world must not in any circumstances take over the real world of sensitivity, receptivity and connectivity.
Thirdly, there must be efforts towards creating an ethically conscious environment for everyone we are living with and living for. We mustn’t use technology irresponsibly and irrationally. This can be possible by adequate awareness, reflection  and realization.
Lastly,  we must learn to live without negative technology as far as possible. Here negative technology means the technology that is instrumental to the creation of the  negative emotions. Every little step towards this will help. Mind must be used creatively and sensibly  in the pursuit of life’s goals. Moreover, we have to think about a better world for the posterity by way of self-awareness, self-control and self-management. We need to remember, If we can’t control the mind, the mind will surrender to the ills of the technology once and for all.


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