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Subroto Bagchi, Spokesperson for COVID-19 of the state govt. today held a press meet to announce the state govt.’s new approach in fighting the rising cases of coronavirus patients. The state recorded its highest spike in the number of corona patients today, at a striking 561 individuals affected.

coronaBagchi elaborated on the government’s ongoing campaign of door-to-door survey in every locality of the state. Asha didis have been assigned the task to visit houses, identify people with corona symptoms and aware the masses about other life threatening diseases such as TB, hypertension and diabetes.

If any person is found to be infected, they are to be immediately sent to COVID care centres for further treatment. However, those patients who have similar symptoms but have tested negative for COVID-19, will be sent back home but need to be home quarantined. Bagchi also adviced the people not to hide their symptoms and come forward in supporting the survey. He also informed that strict actions will be taken against violators.

Subroto Bagchi, Chief Spokesperson on Corona Action, Govt. of Odisha
Subroto Bagchi, Chief Spokesperson on Corona Action, Govt. of Odisha

Careless social behaviors were reported in many areas of the state after the state govt shifted the time limit of night curfew from 7 to 9. People were seen hoarding the market areas without any necessity. If such situations prevail, the administration will be bound to take concrete measures, Bagchi signed off.

In light of the growing coronavirus cases across the country, the Odisha government too has extended the lockdown period till 30th July with due relaxations where needed. Also, the Government has ordered complete weekend shutdown (Saturday & Sunday) in 10 focus districts of the state due to more incidence of the Covid cases.



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