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The Health Department is going to launch an integrated campaign across the state for house-to-house active surveillance against coronavirus and other diseases soon. Addressing a technical workshop for doctors and healthcare workers involved in COVID-19 management through videoconference, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik  said, “As the next few weeks are critical in controlling the spread of coronavirus as well as monsoon-induced communicable diseases, the Health Department will conduct a campaign for active surveillance against COVID-19, co-morbidities, TB, malaria, and diarrhea,”

The Chief Minister expressed concern over corona infections among health workers over the past few weeks and advised them to ensure their own safety. “I am distressed to note that over the past few weeks there have been instances of health facilities providers getting infected with COVID-19. This points to a probable breach of maintaining infection control practices. I would like to emphasize again that you are the strength of the people in this long war. Please first ensure your safety and the safety of your team,” said Patnaik.

He said that the collective responsibility is to see that infection control measures and personal protection protocols are scrupulously followed in health facilities and by the healthcare workers in the field. “Keeping in mind that our healthcare workers are our most valuable asset in the fight against COVID, but also the most vulnerable, the state has taken extensive measures for training of personnel and purchase of required consumables, for personal protection,” said the chief minister.

“It is now essential that these protocols continue to be meticulously followed by you, to prevent infection amongst our valuable frontline workers and to maintain the faith of the people in our health institutions,” the Chief Minister said. Similar door-to-door health screening has already been launched in the Ganjam district.

Extending his deep appreciation for all the hospital teams and district health teams the Chief Minister said that everyone knows that the best preventive measures for Covid-19 are personal protection through simple measures that should be consistently followed. “In this difficult time, you are the heroes for the people. This places an even greater responsibility on you, as the conduct and protocols followed by you set an example for the people,” he said.


“It is, therefore, our collective responsibility to see that infection control measures and personal protection protocols are scrupulously followed in our health facilities and by our healthcare workers in the field. With our collective efforts we will be able to successfully manage this pandemic and ensure the health of our people,” he asserted.


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