OdishaPlus Bureau

A group of youth in Bhubaneswar has been helping distressed daily labourers and homeless people since the nationwide lockdown was announced. The team is being led by Aditya Pritam Das and Sambhav Patnaik. “Apart from our daily goal of feeding 50 to 100 people, Today we’ve distributed cooked food in Salia sahi area of Bhubaneswar to around 800 people”, said Aditya to OdishaPlus.

I am a social worker first and our team of volunteers from Odisha Pradesh Chhatra Congress (NSUI) has been providing all essentials and necessities to the daily wagers, labourers and the poor. Left alone with no food to eat, nowhere to go for help, and most often help doesn’t reach them. Our service to them continues. We also try our best to make them aware about the deadly pandemic and how we can get through this by taking precautionary measures”, says Sambhav.

“We talked to them about how we have to stay strong, fight, and win over the virus. We will continue to do our part and also urge you all to do whatever little you all can to help the needy around you. We are inspired by the leadership of Aditya Preetam Das, State Co-ordinator, NSUI, Odisha. I thank our other volunteers Niranjan Nayak, Anand Prasad Jaiswal, Naresh Mohanty, Soumya Ranjan Jena, Maniratna Swain, SK Sulieman, Jitendra Samantaray, Souri Rout, and many others and I assure them that the help towards all will carry on”, he signs off.