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SCB Medical College

Setting a goal to transform SCB Medical College and Hospital into an “AIIMS Plus” institution in the state, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Wednesday announced a Rs 1,000 crore package for Odisha’s premier medical facility.

“In fact, our transformational goal should be to make SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack into an AIIMS plus institute. This will involve a substantial cost to the people of the state, more than Rs 1,000 crore, but it will result in a transformation where no person from Odisha will be forced to go outside the state for medical treatment,” Patnaik said.
Patnaik made this announcement while meeting SCBMCH authorities, heads of the departments and student representatives on overall development and patient welfare in the state-run medical college.

Stating that SCBMCH, Cuttack as the 200-year-old health facility in the state, Patnaik said his government plans to create a state of art 3000 bedded integrated hospital equipped with the latest medical facilities.

“From three Medical Colleges in the state, we are in the process of having more than 10 Medical Colleges. However, the SCBMCH has a central place in our vision of providing high-quality affordable healthcare,” the chief minister said adding that to support this hospital, the state government will create an ecosystem with the best accommodation and recreational facilities for both doctors and students.“It shall be such that medical professionals settled outside will aspire to come and serve here,” Patnaik said.


While lauding the state’s oldest medical facility, the chief minister said the SCBMCH in Cuttack has produced brilliant doctors who have served and continue to serve patients not only in Odisha but across the globe.

“They are the pride of our state. It is now upon us to give back to this great institution and transform it into a world-class facility. It is my dream that every person in Odisha should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare. It is in this context that the state government has been investing heavily in the health sector,” the chief minister said.

He also said that the best brains of the State have invested their youth in SCBMCH. “I understand that SCB ranks 14th in the country. With your commitment, dedication, hard work and the full support of the State, I am sure you will make it rank among the top 3,” Patnaik said.

In a message to the students and the doctors, Patnaik said: “Odisha has set global benchmarks in many fields. Now it is time the world recognizes Odisha for its affordable, quality healthcare”.

Meanwhile,  5T Secretary V. Karthikeyan Pandian made a surprise visit to the facility to take stock of the infrastructure and treatment facilities. Pandian went round the hospital complex to check the infrastructure and healthcare facilities.